Integrity and Trustworthiness of all the management staff is the Key factor to the success of the establishment. Location of the Head office in the business district of the country is also a prime factor. Our projection is to becoming a top solution provider especially in the Business-to-Business e-commerce portfolio.

Globally, the concept of the Internet and On Demand Business have taken a stronghold in the IT sphere, but only few people and organizations realize that the key underlying challenge for groupware/intranets in order to be successful is how it is implemented. We at Avance Systems have discovered at an early stage that irrespective of how strong or pervasive an On Demand Business program may claim to be at catering to one‘s own needs; if its correct implementation is not ensured - then the Integrated On Demand Business Portal, most likely, in all its ramifications, would prove to be unsatisfactory.

Our strategy at Avance Systems is to put together all the essential resources and needs required to establish the successful implementation of On Demand Business.

Since our strategy is based on IBM Workplace, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, IBM Websphere Portal, products are available shrink-wrapped such as the Lotus Notes/Domino R7, IBM Workplace Services Express 2.6 and the IBM Websphere Portal 6.0 Suites from IBM which can help in the implementation process.

(1) Irrespective of its type, i.e. Enterprise-wide; Workgroup; or department.

(2) Find the resources needed to make it a success i.e. Business process re-engineering; technical consultants and knowledge engineers.

(3) Work with customers through our “IBM Presentations & “Launch-in-a-Box” Seminars" to achieve the desired goal of successful Integrated Portal implementation over a minimum duration of time.

(4) Provide consulting services and facilitation workshops for these Integrated Portal issues.