Lotus Connections is social software for business that empowers people to be more effective and innovative by building dynamic networks of co-workers, partners and

customers.  The concept of a dynamic workplace provides employee's with the agile business tools required to be successful and efficient.

Lotus Connections is a set of components that can help build an evolving workplace. In order to achieve an effective dynamic workforce, companies need to adhere to some of the following key factors:

  • Top level managers and executives need to understand and support open technology like Lotus Connections.
  • Supervisor and front-line manager involvement: As an important communication channel between employees and management, managers should be involved and should be recognized along with contributing employees.Top Management commitment:
  • Suggestion and feedback: Employees must have a mechanism to provide feedback in order to evolve the technology.
  • Limitless: Employees need to feel openness with the solution and never limited by technology.
  • Training: While Lotus Connections is not a complex technology, employees need to have the training material to be educated on the power of the technology.