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Lotus Foundations

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IBM® Lotus® Foundations Start is an all-in-one software appliance that enables business to focus on running their business, not

managing their IT systems. Lotus Foundations Start includes e-mail, security, backup and recovery features, and is an ideal solution for small businesses with little or no IT support. It can be deployed in under 30 minutes and provides the essential collaboration software required to power a small business.


          • Reduces the time and effort required to get set up by automating installation and configuration and by discovering and mapping the network around it.
          • Provides security features and connectivity while reducing time effort and error by auto-configuring a firewall and VPN.
          • Protects and stores electronic data with frequent, automated, highly reliable backups.
          • Quickly executes a full system recovery in the event of a disaster.


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IBM Virtual Desktop for Smart Business

End users are always asking for more: they want to access their desktop from a variety of mobile devices, ranging from iPad, MAC, Windows, Linux, they want to be able to get to their applications and the data from any location and anywhere. At the same time, IT is under a tremendous pressure to:

1. Reduce the cost when managing and deploying desktops.

2. Provide security for all the desktops and application access.

3. Ensure business continuity and mitigate risk in the event of a disaster.

4. Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.

In summary, IT must meet challenging business and end user demands under limited budgets.

Looking at the history of end user computing, about 25 years ago IBM mainframe ruled the world; IT had full control of the end user computing. But the end users didn’t have mobility and flexibility; they were seating in front of dumb terminals directly connected to the server and accessing the data in the data center.


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Lotus Connections

Lotus Connections is social software for business that empowers people to be more effective and innovative by building dynamic networks of co-workers, partners and customers.  The concept of a dynamic workplace provides employee's with the agile business tools required to be successful and efficient.

Lotus Connections is a set of components that can help build an evolving workplace. In order to achieve an effective dynamic workforce, companies need to adhere to some of the following key factors:

LotusLive Executive Summary

LotusLive from IBM is a set of software-as-a-service offerings that perform a wide range of business functions, without the need for any local servers. This article gives a summary of the LotusLive products, and discusses whether the price charged is worth what you get.


+-*The two hottest buzzwords in information technology right now are “cloud” and “software as a service”. There is considerable confusion between the two. I distinguish them this way:

  • Cloud – a distributed, amorphous collection of computing resources available via the Internet.
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) – a business model for delivering application from the cloud.

LotusLive from IBM is a set of SaaS offerings that address areas typically associated with Lotus products. These items include email, calendaring/scheduling, online meetings, screen sharing, file sharing, project coordination, online discussions, and instant messaging. LotusLive comes in eight flavors, and you generally get more of these features as you pay more.


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