Over the years, the company have gained considerable experience in deploying and managing solutions for multinational organizations exposing them to several related projects within and outside Nigeria. With its right blend of competency and experience, backed with proven market penetration strategies, the company is well positioned to deliver superior services to customers while rewarding its stakeholders adequately with good returns on investment.

Their Services include;

  • Software and Programs Development
  • Networking and Data Communication
  • Software Sales and end-to-end Solutions
  • Training on specialized products
  • CRM & ERP solutions
  • Information Technology (IT) Supplies

There are 6 divisions- Software, Application Development, Administration, Marketing & Sales, Training & Support.


  1. HCL Connections
  2. HCL Domino and Notes: HCL Notes, HCL Domino, HCL Volt, HCL Verse, HCL Sametime (Email & Collaboration)
  3. BOX Relay
  4. IBM Openpages with Watson
  5. Webex by Cisco (Webex.com)
  6. Managed Services Provider (MSP)
  7. Cloud Services & Ecosystem: IBM, Amazon, Microsoft

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