Company Profile

Avance Systems is an information technology (IT) consulting, services and training company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Avance Systems is focused on the concept of e-Business, Hybrid Cloud and AI; its implementation, and ways of forging in-roads for these solutions into the burgeoning Nigerian market.

The consulting services provided by Avance Systems transfers skills and empower the client’s team at the project level. Their approach to consulting results in their client’s project team understanding and being able to apply e-Business technology to real-life scenarios and problems.

The company gives their clients concepts to organize their domain, a methodology to capture their design, On Demand Business tools to realize the design and aid in the realization of their project. They can call on seasoned consultants at any phase of the project, as well as provide reviews throughout their client’s project and its integration into their existing infrastructure. The company also has the competence and network required to provide mobile phones, tablets, laptops servers and other I.T equipment to customers.

Avance Systems is an IBM Software Business Partner – Partnerplus.

Avance Systems is a Lenovo Business Partner.

The Company was conceptualized as a result of the need to inform the Nigeria market on the emerging Groupware technologies. Avance Systems focuses on HCL Connections Cloud: HCL’s Flagship Software as a Service product, HCL Notes/ Domino 13; the world’s leading messaging/collaborative/ intranet product; and IBM Software solutions for Red Hat Linux Enterprise Application servers that utilizing Openshift platform as a service to include; Cloud (Hybrid), Analytics , Database and AI solutions from IBM. The Company inspires innovative solutions that transform communications and knowledge into value.

The company is located in Lagos, Nigeria and also has the competence and network required to provide mobile Phones, tablets, laptops, Servers and other I.T equipment to customers.

Why Us?

We have a track record of excellence. Avance Systems is an IBM Software Business partner – partner world.
Avance Systems is a Lenovo Business Partner.

Why Are We Different?

Our clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • Deep customization
  • Industry specialization
  • Interactive learning
  • Extensive curriculum
  • Traditional and digital delivery modalities
  • Experienced and expert facilitators
  • Results in initiating and sustaining change through the organization

Avance Systems is all about the client and our mission is to make you successful. We put together all the essential resources and needs required to establish the successful implementation of Smart On Demand Business.

To be a premiere, leading company that provides innovative and focused services – to create shareholder value – in the rapidly changing information, business and financial solutions  industry.

Avance Systems plans to use Software as a Service (SaaS) and Analytics as a critical component in a cloud computing strategy to unify and amplify the power of technology investments to improve efficiencies and performance across the enterprise. Knowing IBM delivers the deep expertise and specialized tools that enable this paradigm shift to optimize an organization’s success, we will pitch this against the competition in the Nigerian market while enabling the customer assess the benefits of IBM’s offerings.

Recently, the company has been focused on the introduction of Social Business to the Nigerian market. However, with the transformation of the Nigerian business to the Mobile Enterprise —Avance Systems is currently focusing on:

  • The use of SaaS as a critical component in a cloud computing strategy to unify and amplify the power of technology investments to improve efficiencies and performance across the enterprise in Nigeria.
  • Application development – Cloud, Analytics , Mobile & Social solutions (CAMS Solutions) using IBM Worklight based on IBM Websphere – (, Watson Analytics and consulting to corporate Nigeria on companies looking at adopting end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions.
  • The IBM – Apple initiative focusing on Mobility in the Enterprise which includes the introduction of the following solutions –
    • Mobile solutions that transform business: IBM MobileFirst for iOS Solutions—a new class of “made-for-business apps” targeting specific industry issues or opportunities in retail, healthcare, banking, travel, transportation, telecommunications and insurance, among others, that will become available .
    • Mobile platform: IBM MobileFirst Platform for iOS delivering services required for an end-to-end enterprise capability, from analytics, workflow and cloud storage, to fleet-scale device management, security and integration. Including an enhanced mobile management such as a private app catalog, data and transaction security services, and productivity suite for all IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions.
    • In addition to on-premise software solutions, all these services will be available on Bluemix—IBM’s development platform on the IBM Cloud Marketplace.
    • Packaged service offerings: IBM MobileFirst device supply, activation and management services for iPhone and iPad, with leasing options.

The Corporate Philosophy for Avance Systems is based on the fundamental principle of private sector capabilities to operate business efficiently and with entrepreneurial acumen to achieve success as well as positively contribute to the development of Nigeria’s Telecommunication system. In compliance with this principle, management will:

  • Create and adopt an organizational value system that will induce reactivity, innovation and prudent risk taking through prudent resource allocation.
  • Provide conducive work environment for its human resource to excel, with a sense of loyalty, integrity, harmony, and team-work.
  • Implement a high standard of environmental protection.
  • Offer quality services with the aim to achieve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Submit monthly reports to the CMD and Board.

The corporate business goals of the company shall be set as follows:

  • To achieve a healthy financial return and protect shareholders interests.
  • To maximize the value of the core assets by reducing expenses, improving returns and excelling in operational reliability.
  • To operate the company and its other business units in an environmentally friendly way.
  • To diversify as required, into markets where a competitive base can be established in a high growth potential environment, yielding attractive financial returns.
  • To strengthen competitive position using new technology, systems and processes.
  • To establish a high level of efficiency and performance in the corporate human resources by an effective recruitment program and high standards of training.
  • To keep abreast of new technological developments, to identify potential problems at early stages and undertake immediate corrective measures.
  • To have a strong and distinct developmental impact on the Nigerian ICT sector.