IBM has just launched a new AI & Data platform called IBM watsonx, that will enable enterprises to scale and accelerate the impact of the most advanced AI with trusted data.

Enterprises turning to AI today need access to a full technology stack that enables them to train, tune and deploy AI models, including foundation models and machine learning capabilities, across their organization with trusted data, speed, and governance – all in one place and to run across any cloud environment.

With IBM watsonx, clients can quickly train and deploy custom AI capabilities across their entire business, all while retaining full control of their data.

IBM is taking on the likes of Microsoft, AWS, and Google by introducing Watsonx, its new generative AI platform, which will help enterprises design and tune large language models (LLMs) for their operational and business requirements.

Watsonx comes with a suite of tools for tuning LLMs, a data store built on lakehouse architecture, and an AI governance toolkit, the company said.
Watson AI is IBM’s artificial intelligence engine that the company had trained on different machine learning algorithms along with question analysis, natural language processing, feature engineering, and ontology analysis. Watsonx can be seen as the evolution of Watson AI.