Avance Systems was conceptualized as a result of the need to educate the Nigerian market on the emerging Groupware technologies in the early 90’s. Avance Systems focused on Lotus Notes/ Domino, the worlds leading messaging /Collaborative/Intranet product ; but which is now HCL Domino & Notes R13, and HCL Connections Cloud S1 & S2.

HCL Software acquired most of the collaboration-related assets of IBM Software group in a deal that closed in July 2019. This included Connections, its communities offering that focuses on intranets and digital work. Connections has a large install base globally, and as part of HCL, Connections has continued to evolve to help support remote work and employee engagement.

HCL Connections can also integrate with third party applications, such as Slack and the Microsoft ecosystem, including Teams, SharePoint, Outlook and Office, as well as HCL applications such as Domino, Sametime and Domino Volt to enable even higher levels of data and application integration and low-code development. HCL has not missed a beat, and Connections, along with the rest of its portfolio, is well positioned to meet the demands of the remote work era.


Global presence
Predictive analytics capabilities
Content management
Mobile capabilities

Avance Systems also focuses on the IBM Cloud & IBM Watson initiatives; RedHat Linux, Openshift and Ansible. Hybrid cloud has become the leading Architecture for enterprises because it offers more value than relying on a single public cloud.

Companies continue to adopt hybrid cloud to unify their data and applications across multiple clouds, on premise & the edge. Red Hat is at the core of IBMs container platform which are essentially the destination for hybrid cloud apps.

These hybrid cloud environments allow customers to infuse AI across their business processes; while Red Hat allows customers to harness the power of open source software innovations and Ansible catering for the automation.

We inspire innovative solutions that transform communications and knowledge into value.


Market awareness outside installed base

HCL Connections
HCL Domino and Notes: HCL Notes, HCL Domino, HCL Volt, HCL Verse, HCL Sametime (Email & Collaboration)
BOX Relay (Box.com)
IBM Openpages with Watson
Webex by Cisco (Webex.com)
Managed Services Provider (MSP)
Cloud Services & Ecosystem: IBM, Amazon, Microsoft

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